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Aside from spending all day in bed with one of our sexy Knightsbridge escorts, there is plenty to do in the SW3 part of central London. Knightsbridge is an established ‘old school’ part of London, with shops, pubs and restaurants that have been in business for decades. Affluent, posh, upmarket, busy and brimming with tourists trying to find where Harrods is (“It’s that big fucking building across the street, mate”).

Bordering Hyde Park, South Kensington and Chelsea, names you are all familiar with, you’ll find yourself entrenched in MONEY. Expensive cars, expensive buildings and expensive women enjoying flirting with their husband’s money on whatever tacky, over priced trinket they can find. Nestled amongst all of this glamour is the wink wink nudge nudge world of high end, elite London Knightsbridge escorts. The trained eye can spot them, stunning girls laughing at the jokes slipping out of their sixty year old dining companion’s mouth. Beautiful models walking hand in hand with gentlemen old enough to be their dad. But to us, for we ARE those older gentlemen, there is nothing better than that thrill. Knowing people are looking. Knowing that they know exactly what is going on.  But we don’t care, because we have THAT girl. The girls all of those onlookers want so bad. And we have her all to ourselves. The dreamy, fantastic super hot girl way out of our league, provided to us from the curated stables of the UK Glamour girl’s elite London escort portfolio. And it only gets better, because in this part of central London we have the finest, personally interviewed and vetted high end Knightsbridge escorts in London. We’ve been in business since the 90’s and are trusted and known throughout the capital, with great reviews and never, ever any bait and switch.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the things to do in Knightsbridge with your beautiful female London escort, (other than the obvious).

Knightsbridge is synonymous with Harrods, so let’s begin there. The ground floor is decked with GORGEOUS girls in the perfumery section but we are not looking at those girls, are we? We have our own sexy hot girlfriend right on our arm….

87-135 Brompton Rd, London SW1X 7XL

Perhaps this place really is the most famous department store in the world, and for good reason. It sits on over 5 acres of retail space, with over 300 specialist departments that cover just about everything (except - for some strange reason they have no retail space for elite London escorts…). It opened its doors over 170 years ago and has a revenue of about £2 billion per year. It’s very easy to spend an entire day here, and with your sexy Knightsbridge escort from UK Glamour you can wander around the food halls, eat at one of the 23 restaurants and, of course, check out the lingerie department on the FIrst Floor. Menswear is located on the Second Floor, just in case you want to shop for yourself. 

Other fashion and high end stores around London SW1 include Harvey Nichols, Tom Ford, Zara, Watches Of Switzerland, Louis Vuitton on Sloane Street and Roberto Cavalli. All very nice. But brace your credit card for impact.


Knightsbridge Dinner Date Escorts

If your hotel is in the Knightbridge region, a world class restaurant can just be a quick walk away. Meet your Knightsbridge dinner date in your hotel lobby so that you can show her off to the hotel staff, and amble off to your dinner date and any of these well reviewed establishments. 


5 Raphael St, Knightsbridge, London SW7 1DL | web site

Really good ambiance, great food and great service make this one of the most sought after restaurants in London, and booking in advance is essential. They serve very high end Japanese food (at very high end prices) but there is no fancy dress code here like in other upmarket places, and so you can pop in here wearing your jeans and t-shirts and will (almost) fit in just perfectly. Many of the UK Glamour Girls cite this as one of their most favourite restaurants and any dinner date with one of our expensive London escorts is going to go just fine, with that dessert thats been on your mind all evening to follow….


Buddha Bar
145 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7PA | web site

Looking for ‘Pan Asian’ food in Knightsbridge? Well - wouldn;t you know it but there is a restaurant just for you. Very opulent inside and with the occasional live DJ spinning his grooves, the Buddha Bar is one impressive, neon lit, glamourous  interior that you will absolutely love. Beautiful girls waft around. You may spot the odd celebrity. And great food too - not just sushi but cooked and prepared seafood too. This is a high end, glamour establishment that is fun and exciting. Just perfect to enjoy the company of your Knightsbridge escort dinner date from UK Glamour Girls - one of London's best reviewed escort agencies.

Dinner in Knightsbridge, by Heston Blumenthal
66 Knightsbridge, London SW1 | web site

If a mouthful or two of Modern British cuisine floats your boat, then this well reviewed, well regarded eaterie by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal is going to be right up your alley. But not only modern, though - you can also expect a few of your favourites from your childhood (including porridge!) Signature dish is the Meat Fruit, which uses a recipe dating back to the 1500’s. And we all know how health conscious they were back then, when cigarette pie was the norm.