things to do in london - top bars, best reviewed restaurants and much more

If you are new to London or perhaps have a hotel in a new part of the city that you are not familiar with, we hope our guide to all of the major distrcits that make up Central London to be of interest to you. We will look into Knightsbridge, Mayfair, South Kensington and beyond, pointing out all of the top restaurants, things to do, night life and more with one of Uk Glamour's elite London escorts. Explore London with your wonderful sexy GFE from UK Glamour Girls. Enjoy the sights and sounds. Find well reviewed restaurants for your London escorts dinner date. 

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We class girls as Central London escorts when we cannot find any other London gallery that they would fit better in. Areas of the city such as Soho, Oxford Street, Covent Garden, The City and the area around St James' park would all make up this gallery, with a nice selection of sexy girls with a tempting price range, boob size and eagerness to open their minds. Whilst most of our girls can be found nestled away in other parts of London, escorts in Central London can be perfectly located if your 'urge' is strong - one of the  lovely UK Glamour Girls can be with you very quickly, laughing at your poor jokes and complimenting you on your poor choice of shoes.


A wealthy, upmarket part of West London, famous for it's hustle annd bustling Kings Road shopping, oodles of bars and pubs, great restaurants and of course, - a wonderful selection of sexy girls from UK Glamour Girls. A single room for any of our Chelsea escorts costs about £3,000 a month to rent, so this part of town definitely attracts the higher end, elite escort. A girl who would not bat an eyelid at buying a piece of fresh sushi for her cat. A shared two bedroom flat can average close to £5,000 a month, so really eye watering numbers for anyone but the select few to be able to afford.


Once the bastion of travelling Australian and New Zealand back packers, Earls Court has recently come on leaps and bounds in the property market and is now a highly sought after residential district, with two bedroom flats (with tiny, shitty gardens) going for in excess of £1 million. Earls Court escorts tend to be mid priced, and suitably located to visit your neighbouring Kensington of Chelsea hotel in next to no time. And yes, you will still find lots of Chelsea supporters here, with Stamford Bridge football stadium just ten minutes' walk from Earls Court tube station.


Such a bugger of a location to be able to spell correctly, consistantly, and for once in my life I am pleased that spellcheck exists. This is a popular London escort spot for incalls, with spillover girls from neighbouring South Kensington and Chelsea setting up shop here. Once again, two bedroom apartments can hover around the £4,000 mark per month so we are looking at higher end girls who can afford to operate in this neck of the woods. There are some pretty lavish hotels dotted around Gloucester Road as well as the Grosvenor Casino on Harrington Gardens.

Kensington is the 'northern' half of South Kensington and once again is a rather affluent part of town with great retail, pubs, bars and restaurants dotted along Kensington High Street. There is a real nice buzz and vibrancy to Kensington. Hyde Park is just a few minutes' stroll away, where you can see loving couples strolling along hand in hand and you wonder where it all went wrong for you. Because for you, dear sir, the world of London escorts beckons....But you know, and I know, those very same loving couples will soon be parting ways and joining you in your insatiable quest for youthful, tight flesh. Oh yes. The cluster of world famous museums make this district something of a mecca for tourists, eager to see their slice of history and to take their precious selfies infront of some ancient relic. Been there. Done that. But YOUR sort of conquest is going to be so much more satisfying, with equally long lasting memories.

Just south of Hyde Park lies one of London's most established and wealthiest districts. From high end shopping to stunning architecture. From fine dining to a park of town that is teeming with elite escorts and gorgeous, sexy girls. Knightsbridge is not just a part of London devoted to the retail nirvana of Harrods. No siree. Amongst some of the highest property values IN THE WORLD, Knightsbridge boasts a thriving retail sector and restaurant business, making it one of  London's top destinations for a (very) expensive day out. ZumaDinner By Heston  and Hawksmoor  are world famous restaurants that deserve a visit if you can afford it, and to add a little tickle and spice to your big night out, any UK Glamour Girl on your arm will up the excitement by, on average, 92%.


Mayfair - home to the insanely rich and famous, where properties are handed down generation to generation and even the pet dog has more cash in it's bank account than you. Mayfair is teeming with elite London escorts and is perhaps THE place to see a UK Glamour Girl. Centrally located, incredible restaurants all over, more Ferraris and McClarens per square mile than there are ants, and perhaps the best shopping experience there is in London. Mayfair is an incredible place to explore, dine and play in. Top restaurants in Mayfair include Nobu, Scotts, Novikov and so many more. New Bond Street is an incredible shopping experience, with all of the fashion houses that you have heard off each having an outlet on this very busy street. If you are in the market  for used, over priced watches go to the Harry Potteresque Burlington Arcade. Grab one of our Mayfair escorts, hold her hand, and get lost in the fantastic world of Mayfair.


Expensive, but not too expensive. Close to the city centre, but not too close. Nice restaurants, but not top shelf. For it's mix of high rent prices and proximity to much wealthier districts, for the past twenty years or so South Kensington has become the hub for elite escorts. Hot girls are EVERYWHERE. Whether they are getting their nails done AGAIN, or trying out yet another new hair cut, leggy South Kensington escorts are all over the place. You'll spot them hopping in and out of taxis, adjusting underwear and other trimmings as they do so, mirroring themselves in shop windows to make sure everything is styled correctly and makeup is perfection. Incredible girls are everywhere. Even the shop assistants are hot.