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Just down the street from Knightsbridge lies the very desirable South Kensington area. For whatever reason, this area of London has become the capital of the elite South Kensington escortscene. Working girls are EVERYWHERE and it’s fun sitting down at an outdoor cafe and try to spot them all. Perhaps the keenest eye can also spot if they are a busty escort, or perhaps one of those kinky fetish girls.

More high class girls are in this part of the Capital than any other, and if your hotel is based in South Kensington then you are in primo location numero uno for a high end call girl. And...of course, UK Glamour Girls has a mouth watering selection of gorgeous, educated and super hot elite South Kensington London escorts- and any of them could be in your arms, looking lovingly into your eyes - in under an hour. Just imagine that. You’re reading this - and sixty minutes from now you could be enjoying a dinner date with a beautiful girl.

North of South Kensington nudges the Hyde Park border and Chelsea lies to the south so once again we find ourselves in another of London’s more affluent neighbourhoods (but a touch down from the super rich Knightsbridge district).  The Science Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Royal Albert Hall and the Natural History make South Kensington bustling with tourists and school children being forced to go on yet another boring school trip to one of the most amazing museums in the world. Though The British Museum remains our favourite, any of the South Kensington museums will suitably blow your mind and your brain will expand accordingly. You may have to book one of our elite london escorts to recover! All have seasonal events so check their respective calendars online, and the Natural History Museum has its famous ice rink during the winter months.

If you are a lover of the Royals, you could also elect to tour the house of Kate and Wills - the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to you and me - then perhaps a tour of their two up two down residence at Kensington Palace is in order. Open year round, and usually opens at 10am, just after Kate has cleaned up William’s breakfast and put his toys away. There are a number of smaller and boutique hotels in this area too - please check out are convenient guide to boutique hotels in London - there are many in SW3.

Shopping wise, South Kensington pales into insignificance when compared to neighbouring Knightsbridge. Instead of expensive big box stores, SW3 prefers small boutique stores specialising in everything you could imagine.  The Conran Shop, Stella McCartney and the auction house Christies are all here. For serious shoppers, such as the shopaholics Uk Glamour Girls, a quick walk into neighbouring Chelsea and Sloane Avenue will satisfy your thirst for high end retail.

Best Places For A South Kensington Dinner Date
We asked the our South Kensington escorts for their favourite local restaurants. Somewhere where they have long table clothes, so your dinner date can play footsie under the table and her wondering hands can wonder uninterrupted.

Here are some of their fave SW3 restaurants:

Gordon Ramsey
68 Royal Hospital Road – 020 7352 4441 |
Three star Michelin French / Scottish restaurant that opened in 1998 and was Ramsey’s first and is considered his flagship eatery. Elegant, classy and expensive. Top, top service.  This place is small and well regarded so you must book well in advance. Months in advance in some cases. If you can get in, your Caprice girl will be swooning and totally impressed. Not many get in. Not many make the effort. Go on. Show her what you can do.

Bibendum Restaurant
81 Fulham Road, SW3  (the Michelin Building) – 020 7581 5817  |
If you like a slice of art deco with your sea food, this Award winning Terence Conran restaurant is the place to take your exciting Caprice girl. Caprice girls LOVE Bibendum, and they’ll love you even more for taking them. Lobsters so fresh they will try to crawl off your plate and get a taxi back to the ocean. Downstairs is the Oyster Bar to start things off in a relaxed atmosphere that will allow to you get to know (and show off) your beautiful girlfriend, and then you’ll be whisked upstairs to the main part of the restaurant. Prepare your credit card beforehand. It won’t like it….

5 Raphael Street, SW7 – 020 7584 1010 |
Sought after and slightly tough to get in (book in advance) Japanese restaurant nestled away in Knightsbridge. Really, really nice inside. Arty farty and well dapper, but no need to overdress  - your favourite Paul Smith shirt will be perfect for this one. Over 40 varieties of sake and an extensive wine list if that is your thing. A bit of celebrity hang out, but have no fear – you’ll be the one everybody is looking at when they see what an AMAZING girl you have dripping off your arm. Thank heavens for Agency Caprice!


Best Discrete South Kensington Hotels to Meet an Escort
Honestly, the escort business in London is so big that it far exceeds the GDP of Spain and Morroco combined, Assuming your South Kensington escort does not waltz into your SW3 hotel wearung just a latex bra and panties, you'll be good to go in any of the following well reviewed hotels: