Elite London mayfair escort bookings and dinner dates : Sketch

9 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2XG​

Sketch, located conveniently in Mayfair (and Uk Glamour has a lovely selection of sexy girls with Mayfair incalls)  is more than just a single restaurant. Your elite london escort girls and you can choose from a variety of magical, mysterious environments - all with their own exquisite cuisine options. Let the fantasy begin when you start off your afternoon delight or
evening activities at Sketch.

Its hot pink sofas, chairs wearing pointe shoes (after their latest ballet performance, of course) and a magical forest that the Cowardly Lion would die for are exactly what you can find in this centrally located, Mayfair site. This intriguing imaginative feast for the senses is the brainchild of celebrated chef, Pierre Gagnaire and restaurateur, Mourad Mazouz.

For that high class, Mayfair GFE date with someone who is absolutely a girl’s girly girl - loves pink, loves being pampered and adored, is into frilly, flowery atmospheres, The Gallery, is the definite Sketch location. You can enjoy a fabulous meal in an explosion of pink and fuchsia sure to delight and excite all.

From the inside of this adult driven candyfloss dream - with its colourful David Shrigley artworks - you and your elite English escort from UK Glamour Girls can enjoy a classic afternoon tea service from 11.30am to 4.30pm seven days a week or experience the a la carte option until 2am for any night time appetites you may have.

In contrast to the pink explosion of The Gallery is The Lecture Room. This environment is anything but stuffy, dark and damp with old books. It actually resembles a fabulous sunset -the perfect ambience for a 7-course tasting menu. Popping in after strolling through Mayfair, you can gain a dinner seating Tuesdays through Saturdays and a lunchtime munch on Fridays and Saturdays.

The other galleries at Sketch are there for the taking and exploring, once you and your Mayfair incall date choose to connect. Bear in mind that any meal at Sketch is far from mundane. When you’re feeling extra special and fancy, Sketch has a number of fabulous options to stimulate your appetite and feed your senses.