Elite London escort bookings and dinner dates : Celeste Restaurant

Hyde Park Corner, Knightsbridge London SW1X 7TA

In July 2015, The Lanesborough hotel went through a complete remodel which transformed this iconic hotel into an upgraded and longer lasting version of itself. The traditional, classic atmosphere is an ideal host for the Celeste restaurant, and a perfect place for a nice evening out with one of our Knightsbridge London escort girls  from UK Glamour. The luxury, finesse, and timeless glamour has been uplifted and preserved for all time.

Known for its incredible service and immaculate attention to detail, Celeste is an ideal backdrop for your dinner escort date. Your every need is anticipated and met before you even realize you have a need. Everything is brought to your table in anticipation of your needs. And since we specialise in English escorts, you’ll have fun explaining the menu to her....

A typical starter of roasted cauliflower in a lemon curry infused oil with a meaty crumb topping and aged Parmesan could be a wonderful a teaser for our elite London escort date’s palate, before she has something more fulfilling and satisfying in her mouth. The rarified atmosphere of this Knightsbridge restaurant and location is perfect to meet one of our Knightsbridge incall girls.
Nibbling canapes is an ideal second course in preparation for the wafer thin cheesy discs to the mackerel rillette topped crispy mackerel tails. This was an excellent complement to the day boat cod served with lemon confit and white butter sauce with crushed potatoes.

The discrete setting near Hyde Park corner is an excellent and tasty way to spend an afternoon or have an elite london escort dinner date. Be sure to follow up your spectacular meal with the fabulous petit fours which consists of chunks of fudge, caramelised nuts, and marshmallows. Its the perfect end to an excellent meal.

Fabulous service, beautifully refined setting, and fine dining are what you and your elite Knightsbridge escorts can expect from Celeste. Things definitely keep getting better and better when you spend some time experiencing the fine food and exquisite service here.