London Escort Agency Charitable Giving | UK Glamour Girls


As part of UK Glamour Girls committment to putting a little bit back into society, we have taken it upon ourselves to help dogs on "death row" in various kill shelters in Turkey and Macedonia. Already we have brought in a dozen or so dogs to foster homes in the UK from Turkey, and we also provide financial support for other animals in limbo. We have adopted a couple of dogs for UK Glamour Girls HQ and continue to work tirelessly in finding 'forever homes' for our dogs that are currently in foster homes. When you call up Tara, you may hear a few barks in the background. That is not Tara coughing, that's one of our two adopted dogs saying 'hello', and probably also enjoying some fine English sausages or perhaps relaxing in front of the TV watching Strictly.

We have decided to set up a long term committment to helping bring dogs with pretty miserable lives overseas into a caring family in the UK. It's something we have been doing for years but now we are taking it a little more seriously. 

We are not asking you for any donations. We simply want you to know that as a result of you taking care of your little man, we are taking care of our little furry friends too.


Thank you.