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Elystan Street ​
43 Elystan Street, Chelsea, London SW3 3NT



Located in Chelsea near Cheyne Walk and the Chelsea Embankment, Elystan Street offers your Chelsea London escorts date from UK Glamour Girls and you an offering of modern British food. Which frankly - sounds horrendous, but The Elystan is really quite an incredible place - and we've eaten there and came out completely stuffed. There are many options to choose from which include Porthilly oysters or eel toast and leek hearts and even a goat’s milk ice cream with roasted fig. So not all of the standard British fare you maye have been expecting, Mr Bond. They also have a separate Sunday lunchtime menu which comes complete with a house cocktail - should you be in the market for a Sunday soiree with one of our fab girls. When it comes to food, our elite London escorts rarely say no. This, followed by a shopping trip, is as close to the female orgasm you can get without actually getting your kit off.

From the moment your wait staff in their unbuttoned shoes and tables with no tableclothes greet you, you can enjoy a casual environment with food that is anything but casual. Come to kick back and enjoy the gourmet fare - and yes - we know it's British - but IT IS REALLY GOOD.

For a weekend break you and your fun dinner date can enjoy starting off with their signature Bloody Mary. There’s a fabulous Langoustine bisque accompanied by perfectly seasoned shrimp on toast. There are explosive flavours in the beetroot-cured halibut which comes with creme fraiche and horseradish, herb oil and pickled cucumber. You will llveo this place, we can assure you.

Part of the lunchtime prix fixe menu is a main course of parmesan gnocchi. In addition to the gnocchi, there is truffly in burnt onion shells with umami with an iron-rich cavolo nero. There is also a fillet of john dory with poached egg and a mustardy colcannon. All wonderful, tasty delights that will impress your super GFE from your firends at UK Glamour Girls - one of London's most established and trusted escort agency.

After a wander around Chelsea (read our Things To Do In Chelsea guide), enjoying the glamorous fare at Elystan Street - sampling from the extensive wine list or just sipping an exquisite bloody mary is an ideal way for you and your sexy new girlfriend to spend some time. 

Elystan Street offers an intimate setting with spectacular food, casual atmosphere, and an extensive wine list to enjoy.