The Sex Workers Opera in London

While opera is a show that often involves escorts and working girls as characters, they tend to be over glorified and innaccurate versions of the actual industry itself. The Pleasance Theatre in London aims to change all that by putting real escorts on the stage performing a show written by actual London escorts! Not only is this an interesting twist on opera itself, the Sex Workers Opera has also turned out to be a fantastic sell out show! Not only has this opera taken connoisseurs by storm, but they have also implemented some very interesting concepts into the act, including projections, poetry and even some sound art. 

We thought this would be a worthwhile mention here at UK Glamour Girls because it’s not often us working girls get such exposure and popularity regarding our profession, this is a welcome change! Avid opera watchers the world over have been captivated by the groundbreaking innovation presented by the Sex Workers Opera, and the show has apparently sold out repeatedly. Who would of thought an opera show written by sex workers, acted by sex workers, and made for sex workers would receive such a popular response! On paper it sounds like an awful idea, but the results speak for themselves! With a long line of critically acclaimed reviews from some pretty high profile critics, such as the BBC and the Independent, there seems to be no end in sight for praise towards the Sex Workers Opera.

As London escort ladies at UK Glamour Girls, we can honestly say from all of the girls that we wholeheartedly support this endeavor, and highly recommend it to ladies and gentlemen who like to see a show of beautiful art unfold. Having been to see the opera to support the girls, the UK Glamour Girls are proud to see that the Sex Workers Opera actually depicts a very vivid picture of the life of call girls and escorts, offering much insight into how the industry itself operates and the cause and effect of escorting. 

If you’re curious about the Sex Workers Opera and would like to learn more about the show or even see it, head over to their site here: The show itself was put into production by Experimental Experience, a company dedicated to producing and experimenting with fringe performances. While we can’t attest to the quality of their other theatre, the team at UK Glamour Girls wishes the best of luck to the Sex Workers opera and appreciates their stellar performance!


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